Graphic Design

Animation & 3D Graphics

Movement and perspective can trigger emotions. From slow narrative animations, to fast-paced action that puts people on an experience.

3D graphics can be either style images or movies. Only the imagination sets limits when you enter the creative world, however, keep in mind that animations can quickly take a lot of time, even if it is just a few seconds.

- All movie formats for both Online and Offline use.
- 3D & 2D animations for your brand
- Over 15 years of experience with Autodesk. Adobe and various programs
- Video resolution for mobiles or for large projects
Ancker Studios Blueprint

Logo Design

Do you have a new company or product that you want to showcase in a creative way? Let's together create the right logo that tells everything at a glance.

The logo is an important element, on the website or e-mail signature. The art of a good logo is that it is remembered and gives the right expression. Does the current logo need a bucket of fresh paint or is advertising column empty, I stand ready.

- Vector Graphics for all sizes
- Blueprints and Ideas, so there is something to choose from
- Option for all known file formats
- Colors in all world selections

Artwork & Illustrations

Are you missing something visual for your brand, but are not sure what and what it should look like? Together we will find what suits you best.

Illustrations can be a great way to capture people's attention or inspire them. Using special color combinations and visual tricks, we guide people to exactly what you want.

- Photoshop expertise at a high level
- Adaptation to exactly what you need
- Comics or more realistic forms
- Possibility of all known file formats

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