Mailbox in the cloud

Emails sent must have a place to be received. This is where a mailhotel comes into the picture.

There can be several types of solutions for emails. They each have their pros and cons, but I am ready to help with the right choice.

If one does not want to use the domain ( for a website, but simply receiving and / or sending mail, a mailhotel is a good solution.
Ancker Studios Mailbox
Ancker Studios Mailbox

Service & Support

The most important thing about a mail hotel is that one's email is sent and received on time and without any problems. Speed ​​also has a lot to say. Therefore, the mail server is always ready to send and receive.

If there are any problems with the mail that are not sent or received correctly, I am ready to help by email or phone.

- Free Webmail
- Virus & Spam filtering
- Daily Backup
- 24/7 system monitoring

Mail handeling

The choice of which type of mailhotel to use can be confusing. That is why I am available, and together we will choose the right solution for you.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol)

POP3 is the most common type of mailbox.

It acts as a post office, when you pick up the mail it disappears from the post office and you now have the email on your device.

However, you can set up your email program to tell the server to store a copy on the server. The advantage of POP3 is you can always see your mails without internet access because it is stored on the device.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

Is a more advanced mailbox that provides the ability to synchronize your mailbox between your devices.

IMAPs work by keeping track of all your emails, and you read them directly on the server. Unfortunately, that means it often requires an internet access to read its mail.

The advantage of IMAP is that you can easily keep track of all your mail between several devices such as computer, mobile, tablet, etc.

Hosted Exchange.

Is the most advanced type of mailbox. It works a bit like IMAP, all your mail is on one server.

The advantage of Hosted Exchange is the ability to share one's Calendar, Mailbox and Mobile Sync.

Ancker Studios Mailbox

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