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Anders Ancker USA

Anders Ancker

The big childhood dream was to become an inventor, and I have always been inspired to come up with ideas and create things. However, the title did not become inventor. Instead, I took an education as an Animator in San Francisco, USA. It has given me the opportunity to "invent" everything within the creative world.

As a former film and theater actor, I have been surrounded by all types of people. It has given me insight into the world, outside of the computer. I therefore focus a lot on that my service is always the best I can provide. Both for those customers who are creative themselves, and for those who just want to have their ideas and dreams come true.

With a great passion for learning new things, it means that most of the skills I have are self-taught. It has opened up the possibility of doing one of the things I love, namely helping others. Among other things, by visualizing people's thoughts and ideas out into the world, be it through Logo, Website, Videos or what their wish may be. Limited only by imagination.

Advanced Studies in Character Animation

Animation Mentor - San Francisco, USA

Diploma from Animation Mentor

Most Entertaining Student

Animation Mentor - San Francisco, USA

Award recieved from Animation Mentor


Ancker Studios

Sole proprietorship with a strong focus on customers and the quality that comes with it.

Ancker Studios was established in 2014, and has always had a strong focus on customers feeling well treated and can calmly leave their tasks and know they are being made exactly as they want and delivered before the deadline.

Over 15 years of experience in the creative and technical world, means I can help with many tasks that customers may come up with. Everything from Logo Designs, Websites, Graphic Design, Animations, Coding and more.

Over time, I have had the opportunity to work with many different industries and companies. This means I can better understand the customers' wishes and come up with ideas that suit the projects.

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