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Google AdWords offers the ability to promote your custom-made ads. When people search on Google and hit one of the selected words, your ad will appear at the top of Google.

This requires keeping your tongue in your mouth when setting up Google AdWords, as the costs can quickly run off. Every time people click on an ad, you pay Google an amount. The amount can vary greatly depending on the value of the chosen word.

Therefore, it is good to have someone with knowledge of AdWords in over so that you can spend your money most efficiently.
Ancker Studios Google
Ancker Studios Google

Setup and Support

Together we find out what type of ad you need. Which search word you want to be found on, and in which area of ​​Denmark or the world.

Then we look at setting up a monthly budget. So when your ads hit their limit, they pause until next month. That way, we make sure the ads do not go over budget.

Google AdWords ads are a lengthy process. Therefore, I will be available throughout the process. On an ongoing basis, I will optimize and refine the ads so that they are most effective according to your needs.

Analysis and Optimization

A monthly report will be made with details on how the ads are doing. So you can always keep track of all statistics.

AdWords is a living development, so it needs to be constantly optimized. The different keywords can change prices and effectiveness from day to day.

Together we find the words you want to be found on. Once the words are selected, I will then set up an ad that best suits your needs.

Ancker Studios Google

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