Search Engine Optimization

Climb to the top

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art and requires a lot of knowledge in how the search algorithms work.

Just one of the many SEO setups is, proper text and keywords. This allows the search engine to find yours website.

Together we look at which words you want to be found under and then changes are made which increase your search value and closer to the top.
Ancker Studios SEO
Ancker Studios SEO

Be found in the Dark

The search engines see websites differently than people. It is therefore important that the code behind it also helps.

It is aided by Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions, which give the search engine small signals to what is going on on the website.

Whether you stand with an old or new website, we will build a large light sign over the website so that the search engine is in no doubt about where it is.

Support and Analysis

During the course, traffic and location will be regularly monitored. It allows you to see how your website is doing.

The data collected will be used on an ongoing basis to optimize keywords and other possible changes.

Ancker Studios SEO

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